The Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency was first started by Christine Durst in 1995. The term “Virtual Assistance” is believed to be first used by Anastasia Stacy Brice and life coach, Thomas Lenard, around 1996. It became the pop word around that time when she was working for overseas clients as a Virtual Personal Assistant arranging travel plans, managing admin work, etc.

December 2019, when people were busy making new year’s resolutions, we never thought how the following year was going to shake us to the core!

In March 2020, there was a nationwide lockdown and slowly the whole world was under the sudden impact of the lockdown. Novel coronavirus became a threat to the globe.

Everything stalled and moved fast simultaneously, a rise in widespread infection which unfortunately led to millions of deaths, layoffs amidst the virus spread, transition from work from office to work from home, emergency shutdown of companies, bankruptcy, debts, no human touch, no contact. It felt like the end back then.

But there were few who turned that threat into an opportunity. Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, was on a hiring spree when the recruitment process was freezing elsewhere.

There were so many issues that we had to deal with. Today, here we are going to talk about the work from office to home transition for virtual assistants. The process has been relatively smooth for the virtual assistants and the Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency as they already have the experience to work from offshore.

Here are few of the reasons for the rise of Virtual Assistants and Virtual Assistants Staffing agencies during the new normal.

1. Delegate everyday tasks: Virtual assistants are known for providing a chain of services seamlessly, like say, administration and operational tasks. Be it booking flight tickets, and hotels, be it managing calls, emails, or calendars, or be it scheduling meetings, appointments, and interviews, or online researching for your business – they do it all well.

When the pandemic struck, many businesses were impacted majorly the seed-level ones and medium-sized enterprises as well. While the business owners and executives were busy making decisions and planning ways to generate revenue and keep their business afloat – the VAs were hired for handling the administration and operations of the firms.

2. Cost cutdown/ hourly basis: Hiring a VA independently or from any VA staffing agency is beneficial for your business any day, with or without the pandemic. For starters, you don’t have to take care of their remuneration, onboarding if you hire from the latter. VAs are usually trained or need minimal training. We know that training takes up a lot of time and money. And during pandemic when cash flow was one of the major issues, then hiring VAs were the best decisions. Moreover, you don’t need to hire a VA for full time role, you can hire them on hourly basis, get your work done and also save up a lot of finance!

3. Pool of talents: India and Philippines are known to be the best of few where skilled virtual assistant staffs are present. The virtual assistant pool is unending and vast. The plus point from hiring a VA from VA Staffing agency is that you get a big pool of talent in the same place otherwise, there are many other sites like Upwork and Fiverr where you can find independent VA who have their own quotes for their respective services they can provide.

During pandemic, VA became very popular for their experience working for international clients and having the actual market knowledge. You will always find your next best hire in this vast market.

4. Experience of working without physical supervision: The primary reason why VA had a smooth to no transition during pandemic is because they have always got their work done without any physical supervision from their client. Their efficiency were never questioned even during the “new normal” time. They are also known to have mastered work-life balance.

What Accoance can provide you ?

  1. A pool of talent where you can sift through people according to your requirements.
  2. Swift onboarding and payrolling system of the VAs from our end. Hence, clearing more of your time.
  3. Trained and quick-learner professionals as they have experience working with diverse industries.

So, what are you waiting for click here and book your first free consultation call with us!

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