Accoance gives virtual recruitment assistants who are extremely skilled. Hiring a Recruitment Assistant to handle all of the heavy lifting is a good idea.

  • Format Resumes
  • Post Job Ads
  • Create and Streamline Job Descriptions
  • Filter Resumes & Screen Candidates
  • LinkedIn and ATS management
  • Schedule interviews and appointments

Ready to grow your business?

As a recruiter or a recruitment firm, you spend endless hours performing vital but low-level duties like conducting research, processing CVs, scheduling appointments, and so on. You may relieve yourself of those monotonous responsibilities by hiring an expert Recruitment Assistant through Accoance, who is dedicated to assisting you on a daily basis. Our capable recruiters will manage the entire recruitment process for you, including job descriptions, pre-screening prospects, and resume formatting. You will have more hours in the day to focus on expanding your business and spending more time with your family if you delegate these responsibilities.

Part-time or Full-time Dedicated Staff

With affordable pricing save up to 80% on salary costs

Top experienced staff work your time-zone

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a Recruitment Assistant do for me or my business?

A recruitment assistant helps with the hiring process of a company. Contacting potential employees, scheduling interviews, following up during the recruitment process, and maintaining employee records are all possible responsibilities. They may also do background checks and evaluate the qualifications and experience of a candidate.

Will they be dedicated to me?

Yes, your assistant will be a dedicated employee of your organization and will work the same work schedule each day in your preferred time zone.

What happens if my Recruitment Assistant is away or sick?

We are aware of the situation and we have the approach of 2 in a box – where you pay or hire one dedicated VA for your business but we train one more VA according to the business so if the primary VA is away – you are backed up with secondary VA for time being.